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Pamela Brown (United Kingdom)

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109 results found

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Pamela Brown: Congress For Sale ... Keeping Them Honest

In the latest installment of "Keeping Them Honest," Pamela Brown examines a new policy that might suggest Congress is for sale. Traditionally, politicians are required to release the names of those that foot the bill for lavish and luxurious "fact ...


Kalamazoo's 3-Way Democratic State House Primary

Pamela Brown Goodacre has served as a Kalamazoo Township trustee for two years and is a part-time instructor at the University of Michigan. Goodacre says she has real world experience that would make her a good legislator, including years spent trying ...


To The Point: 60th and 62nd state House

David Buskirk, Pamela Brown Goodacre and Jon Hoadley are looking for their party's nomination to face Republican Mike Perrin in November. In Calhoun County in the 62nd District, Representative Kate Segal is term-limited and three fellow Democrats and ...


Free speech, unintended consequences

Nashua Alderman Pamela Brown took some heat last week for a Facebook posting in which she referred to Nashua Board of Aldermen President David Deane as “King David.” “Is this all about taking down the Mayor because 2 Aldermen are planning to run ...


Health-related events, classes, more around Asheville

Contact Pamela Brown at 252-1097. ADHD SEMINAR “Understanding Adult ADHD”: July 23, 6-7:15 p.m., ADHD Center for Success, 218 E. Chestnut St., Asheville. Provides evidenced based information. Advance registration required. $25. Call 301-1904 or ...


State primaries have strong candidates, Kalamazoo Gazette offers ...

Newcomer Zuiderveen is well-intentioned but is not ready for such a high-level position. State House 60th District, Democratic primary: David Buskirk, Pamela Brown Goodacre, Jon Hoadley. Voters in the 60th District have a challenge, given they have ...


Nashua Alderwoman Brown should clarify her thinking

Lately, I've been disturbed by a number of postings by Alderwoman Pamela Brown, mostly because, in my opinion, they flagrantly violate the Board of Aldermen's Code of Conduct. The code is fairly straightforward. You can see the full ordinance on the ...


Claims of Fraud Surround Reporting of Buffalo School Graduation Rates

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- School Board Member Carl Paladino is calling the recent improvement in graduates rates under former Superintendent Pamela Brown fraudulent. The district posted a 56 percent graduation rate in 2013, which is up 8 percent from 2012.


MLive Voter Guide an excellent resource for Southwest Michigan (column)

In Kalamazoo and Kalamazoo Township, one of the most closely watched races is in the state House 60th District Democratic primary where David Buskirk, Pamela Brown Goodacre and Jon Hoadley are vying to replace Sean McCann. Responses from all ...


US monitoring Americans fighting in Syria amid security fears

A senior U.S. official told CNN that part of what prompted the enhanced security measures was intelligence that militants in Syria had details on how to make undetectable bombs. CNN's Pamela Brown, Evan Perez and Dana Ford contributed to this report.



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Picture Name Location Industry  
Pamela Brown London, United Kingdom Utilities  
Pam J Brown London, United Kingdom Human Resources  
Pamela Brown Manchester, United Kingdom Food & Beverages  
Pam Brown Truro, United Kingdom Entertainment  
Pam Brown Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom Nonprofit Organization Management  
Pamela Brown St Albans, United Kingdom Pharmaceuticals  
Pam Brown Aberdeen, United Kingdom Oil & Energy  
Pamela Brown United Kingdom  
Pam Ferguson Edinburgh, United Kingdom Marketing and Advertising  
Pam Brown Canterbury, United Kingdom Pharmaceuticals  


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Picture Name Location  
Pamela Brown Boiling Springs, SC  
Pamela Brown Asheville, North Carolina  
Pamela Brown Dearborn Heights, MI  
Pamela Brown Hanover, PA  
Pamela Brown Commercial Point, OH  
Pamela Brown Cullman, AL  
Pamela Brown Jekyll Island, GA  
Pamela Brown Gainesville, FL  
Pamela Brown New York, NY  
Pamela Brown Irvine  


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