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Tony Blair (United Kingdom)

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Don't be nostalgic about Tony Blair. His effect on Britain and beyond was toxic

'Tony Blair has refused to apologise for the Iraq war, and periodically pops up to argue that he was right all along.' Photograph: Mark Thomas/Rex Features. Zoe Williams wants us to get nostalgic about Blairism. But in her attempt to defend Tony Blair ...


Guardian's Zoe Williams tries to rehabilitate Tony Blair

“Stop calling Tony Blair a war criminal. The left should be proud of his record”, implored journalist Zoe Williams in the Guardian last week. “From Northern Ireland to the NHS [National Health Service], Blair left a real progressive blueprint”, she ...


Tony Blair's advisers and their 'ties to extremist group'

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which was established in 2008 to help combat extremism, is being advised by a Muslim leader who is alleged to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organisation that could be banned in Britain. The urgent review was ...


Ex-Tony Blair adviser is new top boss at UK spy-hive GCHQ

GCHQ's eavesdropping concrete doughnut in Cheltenham is getting a new boss from autumn this year, the government confirmed today. Robert Hannigan is set to replace Sir Iain Lobban, who has been in the post for nearly six years. Lobban has faced ...


Tony Blair's eldest son Euan in the frame for safe Labour seat in Bootle

He added that the talk of adopting Tony Blair's older son is coming from local activists who are considering inviting him to out his name forward rather than from Euan Blair himself. “I don't think he has done anything yet to advance his candidature ...


Tony Blair and his views on intervention and Rwanda

Tony Blair defends the invasion of Iraq on the grounds that without it "you would have had the so-called Arab spring come to Iraq" (Syria crisis: failure to intervene will have terrible consequences, says Blair, 7 April). Clearly there could be nothing ...


Damaged goods

TONY Blair does not speak out much on international affairs these days, and it is not hard to see why. Whenever he does, no matter his subject, he reminds Britons of his great foreign policy disasters, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet Mr Blair, in the ...


Tony Blair's Faith Foundation charity advisors 'linked to Muslim Brotherhood ...

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation says it exists to “help prevent religious prejudice, conflict and extremism”, and Mr Blair will be embarrassed by the link between its council members and a group he has been so critical of, the Sunday Telegraph reported.


Rupert Murdoch says Wendi's affair with Tony Blair led to their divorce

Rupert Murdoch admitted in a recent interview with Fortune magazine that it was Wendi Deng's alleged affair with former British PM Tony Blair that prompted the couple's divorce last year, while also confirming the existence of Deng's notorious 'steamy, ...


GCSE in TONY BLAIR: Former PM on study list with Boris Johnson and Jeremy ...

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, left, and London Mayor Boris Johnson, right, are both politicians who could see their speeches analysed in the exams. Blair's addresses on the death of Princess Diana and the eve of the Iraq War are two of the texts ...



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Tony Blair New York, NY  
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Tony Blair Surabaya, Indonesia  
tony blair Indonesia  
tony blair Lima, Peru  
Tony Blair Tring, Hertfordshire  
Tony Blair Istanbul  
Tony Blair New Hartford, NY  
Tony Blair Sioux City, IA  
tony chang san francisco, CA  


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Anthony Blair Paisley, Verenigd Koninkrijk Olie en energie  
Anthony Blair Verenigd Koninkrijk Financiële administratie  
Anthony Blair Newport, Verenigd Koninkrijk Verzekeringen  
Tony Blair Verenigd Koninkrijk  
Anthony Blair Reading, Verenigd Koninkrijk Informatietechnologie en services  
Tony Blair Northampton, Verenigd Koninkrijk Auto-industrie  
Anthony Blair Portsmouth, Verenigd Koninkrijk Defensie en ruimtevaart  
Tony Blair Belfast, Verenigd Koninkrijk Beveiliging en recherche  
Tony Blair Verenigd Koninkrijk  
Tony Blair Londen, Verenigd Koninkrijk Sport  

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Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative 48  
sir tony blair 32  
Costas Tony_Blair 2  
unintentionalism 0 Auckland, New Zealand  
Tony Blair Faith Foundation 0  
dr.tony.blair 0  
Tony Blair Anokye dcanokye 0  
tony blair 0  
tony_blairs_ears 0  

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Tony Blair  
Tony Blair  


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